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Minl is a minimalistic Framer Sites template to help you get started on your creative journey :)

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  • Minimalistic design with a simplistic layout: Minl is a simple template that combines beautiful animations typography with a simple layout and design.
  • No headaches required: Minl is built on Framer Sites, so it's super easy to make visual changes with no coding skills required. You can easily publish your website template within minutes.
  • Minl is designed from the start to work and look beautiful on all devices - desktop, tablet and mobile. Its responsive design adapts to fit any screen size: small, large, or in between.
  • Customizable: Change out the images, and adjust the colors – whatever you want, it’s completely up to your creativity.

Included with your purchase is a copy of the Minl template.

This is your very own personal web design tool and can be customized as you wish.

What you need to do before accessing the template?

Get yourself a free Framer account to copy and customize your template into

If you have any questions, please contact me via

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After purchase you will be redirected to the template in Framer. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the template.

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Minimalist Template Theme | Minl | Framer Sites | Lotties Animations

7 ratings
I want this!